Memorial Day Weekend in Puerto Rico

Most recently my family and I traveled to Puerto Rico and I have to say it is an excellent place to unwind. I must admit this is not my first time to the island. I have been to Puerto Rico three times in my lifetime and I am definitely planning on going back again and again. However, this time I was able to enjoy it as a wife and mother compared to traveling with my friends. Seeing captivating scenic spots around the globe has an impact on anyone in so many ways. Experiencing adventurous activities will make you inspired and motivated to explore the world.

Planning to travel soon without an idea where to go? Why not try Puerto Rico? It has a lot of things to offer that you cannot afford to miss. From adventurous activities, historical sites to unique cuisine, it will never be left behind. 

As a matter of fact, it can compete with other well-known travel destinations in different parts of the world without breaking the bank. Here is the list of some of the things to do in Puerto Rico: 


Visit Old San Juan, Bacardi Factory – Tour of the Old San Juan and the Bacardi Factory is considered as a sightseeing combo. You will experience an incredible and outstanding journey into the history of the rum industry as well as Puerto Rican architecture.

You will discover one of the best-preserved colonial cities in Spanish. It has a fascinating culture, Spanish heritage, and history. By walking through the grounds of Fort San Felipe Del Morro and Fort San Cristobal, you will be filled with rich history and captivating views.

In Old San Juan, capitol building, plazas, cemetery, churches, shopping areas, restaurants, hotels, museums, and the San Juan cathedral are wonderful places you must visit. Aside from that, never forget to visit the Bacardi Factory.

It really defines why the country is recognized as the Rum Capital of the world. You should go to the Bacardi plant and the grounds and be amazed. Thus, choosing Old San Juan and Bacardi Factory as one of your travel destination is worth it. 

Go to El Yunque –Aside from Old San Juan and the Bacardi Factory there is El Yunque. This amazing national rainforest system is very stunning and magnificent. Even though it is small, it is biologically diverse. As a matter of fact, it has hundreds of plant and animal species. Some of those are only found in the forest.

Exploring its trails, scenic views, waterways, and historic features, you will know why it is definitely a true beauty. You don’t need to leave the car if you are not a hiker you can just drive through the amazing roads to see spectacular views. Also, the local town has amazing local food you can explore while in the area. 

Enjoy the Food – Puerto Rican food is to die for sure. To name a few, you should try Tacos, Mofongo, Pernil, Aros Con Grandules, Pastelon, Alcapurrias, and a lot more. They are available in most restaurants in Puerto Rico. You will never have a hard time to taste delicious and flavorful food. 

Best Hotels – Whether you will stay in Puerto Rico for a few days or weeks it is the place that has great hotels with amazing beach views. We normally stay at La Concha because of the easy access to shops, restaurants and the beach. The staff is always amazing and the hotel has pool and beach access. I am not one for a casino, but there is one right in the hotel as well, which seems to be a hot spot for many of the guests. If you are like me accessibility is important. Once you step out the door there are great restaurants and shops all within less than 5 minutes walking distance. If this hotel isn’t for you there are other great hotels such as the Dorado Beach, St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort, Condado Vanderbilt Hotel, Hotel El Convento, and W Retreat & Spa are a few. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go to Puerto Rico when you have enough time. It is a great place to travel. A fulfilling, holistic, and enjoying the experience is guaranteed!

If you still do not believe me, then you can check out the travel section of to read about all the different places we explored while in Puerto Rico.