Di Parma Trattoria in Puerto Rico

While my mom and stepdad were watching the little one my husband and I decided to sneak off and explore the local area. Lucky for us just a few steps away from the hotel and the beach we found this adorable restaurant called Di Parma Trattoria.

We were greeted by a friendly waitress who seated us right away. The restaurant has a spacious outdoor seating area that overlooks a large green grass area and a partial view of the ocean. Once we were seated I noticed that each table had a beautiful orange/pink flower located in the center of each table. For me it is always important to add the small touches, because this can go a long way.

They offer a great selection of drinks. My husband ordered a Mojito and I ordered a Sangria. The waitress asked me if I preferred white or red wine with my Sangria, which I told her I preferred white wine. I was pleasantly surprised they made the Sangria upon request versus having a pre-made batch. The drinks were quite refreshing and went perfectly with our lunch. 

After looking over the menu, we decided to go with pizza for our lunch selections. It seemed from the other guests around us pizza was the popular choice. I ordered the goat cheese pizza and my husband ordered the vegetarian pizza. The order did not take too long to come out. The pizza was nice and hot. I don't know about anyone else, but it drives me crazy when my food takes forever to come to the table or if it comes out cold.

The pizzas had a nice thin crust, light tomato sauce, and plenty of toppings. There was no shortage of vegetables on my hubby's vegetarian pizza. As for my goat cheese pizza, it had just enough cheese and bacon on it to give me a mouthful of flavors with every bite.

Overall, I would say this place is definitely a great choice for lunch. I took a glimpse at the dinner menu and I would come back and check it out. 

If you are ever in the Condado area in Puerto Rico you should check this spot out. For more information, check out their website http://diparmapr.com.