Best Makeup Remover- Coconut Oil

Sephora Wipes
Nutiva Coconut Oil

While talking to my girlfriend a few weeks ago, I started to complain about how long it takes to remove my makeup. It definitely feels like a process, because I’m always trying to make sure my face is completely clean to avoid a bad breakout. My girlfriend proceeded to ask, “Have you tried coconut oil?”  I told her that I use it for cooking, body moisturizer, and hair conditioner, but never to clean my face. The following day, I used raw coconut oil and one Sephora exfoliating cleansing wipe, and I could not believe how easy my makeup came off – mascara and all! Within seconds, my face was completely makeup-free and felt softer and refreshed. I love a good girl chat!

What tips and tricks have you learned from your girlfriends?